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Shontelle Prokipcak

Shontelle Prokipcak, Ottawa Therapist, Mental Health, Addiction Services

Shontelle Prokipcak is a registered social worker providing mental health and addiction services for children, youth, young adults and their families in the Ottawa Region for over 14 years. Shontelle has extensive training and experience in counselling, crisis management, trauma, victim assistance, addiction issues and treatment, and youth conduct disorders. Clients and families that work with Shontelle find that that she is incredibly caring, non-judgemental, and can quickly form a therapeutic relationship with clients of all ages and backgrounds. Shontelle brings a unique and extensive breadth of experience from her work in out-patient and school-based addiction treatment programs, residential treatment centres and various programs for youth involved with the justice system, and the homeless youth population.   

Shontelle also has extensive experience working with adults from the addictions community and in working with adults recovering from traumatic experiences.  Shontelle provides compassionate care for professionals in care giving positions (teachers, paramedics, police officers, military personel etc) who are experiencing stress and burn out in their work or who have experienced trauma in their line of work.


Shontelle works at Mental Health and Addiction Services of Ottawa as a Senior Clinician, and ensures that clients referred to MHASO receive the best care and treatment possible.As an advocate for collaboration, Shontelle works toward bringing together and building upon treatment/testing already received by the client, and consulting to support the client's progress in other residential, community or school-based programs.

Shontelle's expertise is working with children, youth and families who have challenges at home, or in the community and struggle with anxiety and depression, behavioural problems, and addictions (internet, alcohol or other drugs), and crisis/trauma. Shontelle has expertise in working with young adults who identify themselves in the GLBTQ community, and is an advocate for women's issues.

Shontelle now provides First Nations and Inuit Mental Health Services. Funded under the Short Term Crisis Intervention Program, First Nation and Inuit indivuduals may be self-referred or be referred by a family GP. The program allows for up to a maxium of 15 one hour sessions for one-on-one counselling.

Shontelle uses several types of counselling and therapy styles including cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, and collaborative problem solving. For addictions, Shontelle uses a variety of assessments including those required by the Ministry of Health for OHIP placement into addiction treatment facilities in Ontario.

Skills & Training


Shontelle is a firm believer in continuing education and she seeks out opportunities to learn from her peers and leaders in the fields of mental health, addictions and holistic treatments.

Here is a list of of the most recent workshops, e-learning and conferences Shontelle has participated in:


Attatchment Based Strategies for Healing: Engaging Traumatized Clients who Avoid Attatchment, Closeness & Painful Feelings.

  • April 2015

Why Some High-Risk Youth Succeed: Building Strength Through Collaboration

  • March 2015


The Myth of Normal: Depression, Anxiety and Addictions from a New Perspective with Dr. Gabor Mate

  • October 2014


Beyond Addiction- A Mind and Body Approach to Addiction Recovery with Gabor Mate

  • 2 week intensive program

  • The biological, psychological, social, and spiritual causes of addiction

  • The link between stress and addiction

  • One day seminar with Gabor Mate


Women in Mind/ Body and Mind

  • The Royals Conference on Womens Mental Health

Issues of Substance 2013: Preliminary Program


Mental Health in Corrections: Best Practices and The Secure Treatment Unit Model

  • 2 day workshop at the Royal Ottawa Hospital 2012

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Treating Suicidal Adolescents with Multiple Problems


DLCAS (Distance Learning Centre for Addiction Studies)

  • Basic Ethics for Addiction Professionals 

  • Group Drug Couselling

  • Treating the Chemically Dependant Family - A Family Systems Approach

  • Creating Motivation for Change in Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Diagnosing Substance Abuse Professionals

  • Adolescent Development

  • Co-Occuring Disorders: Concepts and treatment issues 

  • Clinical Applications of Motivation Strategies


Adolescent Development

  • 3 hour Course 2010


Co-Occurring Disorders: Concepts and Treatment Issues

  • 12 hour Course 2010


Clinical Applications of Motivational Strategies

  • 3 hour Course 2010


  • ​Why We Worry: Treating Anxiety and Depression



  • Assesment and clinical interpretation of SASSI substance abuse screening inventory

  • Administartion and Scoring

Basic Pharmacology in Mental Health and Substance Use

  • Pharmakokinetics

  • Pharmacodynamics

  • Assesments

  • Medications & Concurrent Disorders



  • Basic Pharmacology in Health and Substance Abuse


Traumatology Institute (Canada)

  • Clinical Trauma Specialist Training

  • Assesments and Interventions

  • Clinical Standards of Trauma Care: Attachment, Systems & Content

  • Community & Workplace Traumatologist Training

  • Group Trauma Practice

  • Compassion Fatigue for Professionals


Certificate of Concurrent Disorders Training Program CMHA

Voices In Trauma Therapists Lecture Series


  • Certified crisis intervention training and restraint training


Understanding and Responding to Self Injury

  • Clinical Practice Training with Natalie Zlodre, Head of Trauma & Resilience Centre, Toronto: Womens Collge Hospital

  • Cognitive Behavioral Approach


Claudia Black Lecture

  • Children of Addiction, roles, co-dependency, tough love and self-healing


Anxiety and Beyond: Clinician’s Institute for Training and Education

  • Etiology and Treatment from Childhood to Adult


Teaching Self-Esteem Skills to Clients: Clinician’s Institute for Training and Education

  • 6 hours of Cognitive Behavioral Practice


Youth Services Bureau Staff Training

  • GLBQ Workshop

  • Violence in the Adolescent Male Population Seminar

  • Solution Focused-Brief Therapy Worksop


Crisis Intervention Seminars, Dr. King, North Bay, Ontario

  • Participated in a half-day seminar and discussion on crisis intervention strategies


Life Patterns Counseling by Viola Fodor, Campbelleville, Ontario

  • Eating disorders two-day seminar and workshop​






Shontelle Prokipcak MSW RSW

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